pink-flip-flop In some previous posts I discussed some foundation wall options, and recently made the decision to go with Precast walls by Superior Walls.  Well, I’m having to go against what I originally wanted to do because of timeframe.  We are now 2 months past when we wanted to get started with construction, and if we go with the precast walls, we’re going to be 3 months behind. 

The precast walls will be set much faster than poured concrete, BUT they take 4 weeks to be made.  We simply cannot wait that much longer, so we’re going with poured concrete. 

The Downside

There are a few negatives to NOT having used the precast walls.  For me, the biggest downside is that the walls won’t be 5000 psi concrete.  I really liked that about them.  They will also lack studs and insulation now.  Down the road when we inevitably finish all or some of our basement, we will need to pay to have studs and insulation put in.  Considering the overall cost of 2X4s and insulation, I guess it’s not really that big of a deal, but it would have been nice.

The Upside

The biggest positive is the timeframe.  Followed by durability and my GC’s crew’s comfort with them.  I’ve also been told by some people that I trust very much and who are very handy, that they wouldn’t do precast walls in the location we’re building.  The poured walls will ultimately be cheaper than the precast walls as well.  The gravel needed will also be cheaper.

For the Record

If we were in March right now, I would still be going with the precast walls.  I’m still confident that they would have been very nice, dry, and warm.  Unfortunately, my wife and I made the decision to go with poured to save time.