modular-home When I tell friends and family that my wife and I are building a Barden Home, I almost always get a response of “Oh, a Modular Home?”.  I then have to explain that the Barden Homes are NOT modular homes.  For some reason, their is a negative stigma towards modular homes, one that I don’t support, but their are limitations to a modular home, simply by their design and process.

A modular home is pre-manufactured in an indoor facility, then delivered in prefinished modules (hence the name) and connected on site.  If you have ever been inside a modular home, you notice right away that it is broken up into sections and very compartmentalized.  Here is a great explanation of modular homes: 

Why a Barden Home Over A Modular Home

panelized-construction Barden Homes are called panelized homes, because wall panels, and trusses, etc., are pre-manufactured and sent to the construction site.  To be more specific, the wall panels are not prefinished with drywall and siding.  The panels are studded sections, with window holes, as well as plywood.  The panels are created in a climate controlled facility, and shipped to the construction site in the appropriate order to fully constructed.

In my opinion, this panelized process is superior to the modular process because it allows for an open and customizable floor plan. 

The panelized process allows your new home to be closed up much quicker than if you were to build the classic ‘stick-built’ home, where the wall panels are constructed on-site.  Regardless of the time of year, getting the skeleton and core of the home enclosed sooner rather than later, is a good thing! 

My wife and I prefer an open floor plan, and to our delight we looked through many stock floor plans that were very open, and even allowed for further opening and customization.  Again, a distinction between Panelized and Modular homes.

The Bottom Line

Barden Homes allow the best of both the completely custom and stick-built home with the efficiencies of some pre-manufactured components.  The pre-manufactured components greatly reduce the cost of construction as well, by reducing on-site labor hours.

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