In my last post, I explained the lot and briefly showed the area where we’ll be placing the house.  Like many new construction sites these days, ours is over a bank with about 12-16 feet of elevation from the house to the road.  This obviously poses a problem for sewage running out of the house.  I have a feeling my stream of sewage won’t work like the Nile

Because of this, we need a solution to get the sewage out of my house, and up to the sewer main in the road.  I was told that the sewer is about 10 feet deep at the nearest man hole, which is about 75 feet from the area of road that is out front of our house.

So, we’ll need to either pump from the basement to the road, about 70 feet, then use gravity down hill to tap in, OR use a pump to push the sewage most of the way down the lot before climbing to the road, because the elevation isn’t as bad there.

Here’s a shot of the elevation from the lot to the road if we were to go strait to the road:

Land elevation of Barden HomeIn that picture I’m standing up, at 5’ 8” tall.  You can see, there’s quite a bit of elevation difference.

The second option of making a more gradual run to the sewer line is seen below.  The line would essential run strait through where the driveway is in the distance, then connect to the sewer main in the road.

Driveway for Barden Home 

A third option is to run all the way down my backyard to the road below.  That is quite a distance, and i would have to tear up my in-laws’ yard and driveway.  That would allow me to tie in to the road pipe.  I’m against doing it this way because of the distance of the run.  We will inevitably have issues with a run that long and end up having to tear it all up again. 

Sewage Ejector Pumps (Sometimes called Lift/Grinder Pumps)

The two options that I hope will work are the ones that involve an ejector pump.  Prior to this project, I had never even heard of an ejector pump, or considered the need for one.  I guess I don’t spend much time thinking about how sewer goodies flow :).

Anyways… A standard sewage ejector pump is like a really beefy sump pump, capable of pushing solids up to 1-1/2” or 2” in diameter.  This type of pump has a higher likelihood of clogging than a macerating sewage ejector.  This type of pump has a built in grinder that acts like a garbage disposal.  This added feature will help reduce the number of clogging issues you have over time. 

My personal opinion is that it would give you some added comfort, knowing that whatever is passed to it will definitely fit through the expulsion pipe.  I don’t know about you, but I really don’t want feces in my basement.  Not even my own families!



The images above shows basically how a Grinder or Lift pump work.  

In reading online, they seem to be priced between 1500 and 3500 dollars plus labor.  I’m still not positive that this is the route I’ll be taking, but I sure hope I can do this, over running a line all the way to the next nearest road!