I had originally decided to go with precast foundation walls from Superior Walls, after I had visited their sales office and seen them first hand.  If it wasn’t for our time delay I’d probably be still be using precast walls.  After some thinking and seeing the poured walls, I’m kind of happy I went with them over the precast walls.


The precast walls have a 15 year warranty on leaks, etc…  I plan on being in my house much longer than that.  In fact, we’re hoping this is our last house.  If water starts coming in after 15 years, it will be problematic…  Superior Walls recommended no drainage around the inside of the basement.  Based on where my house sits, that’s quite risky. 

The warranty period of 15 years seems just long enough to cover the caulk that goes between the precast panels.  I can’t imagine the costs associated with digging out around the foundation after 15 years to recaulk a potential leak.  That would be terrible, especially if you consider decks, landscaping, and your yard.

Timeframe Isn’t Any Faster

While the setup time is faster than poured walls, precast walls have to be ordered, and for us, would take 4 weeks to make.  Keep in mind that we couldn’t order until we had the money from the bank.  That would have meant that our project would have been held up for another month after closing with the bank. 

Our concrete guy was onsite and getting the footer poured the day after the hole was dug.  There’s no way we could have had the precast walls here by then.

Cost Savings Isn’t Much

When you consider the cost of 2X4s and insulation, the cost difference between precast and poured walls is a wash.  You end up with a bit more piece of mind with poured walls, so to me, that makes the poured walls the winner.  Ask me in another 6 months and I may have changed my mind again, but right now, I’m happy I went poured. :)