1st floor deck delivery.If you follow me on Twitter or Zannel you no doubt saw that the deck load was delivered today!  My GC’s framing crew got right to work getting the main beam almost entirely in place, and some of the floor joists up.  They ran into a bit of a snag in that the cutout in the top of the foundation wall that holds the main beam across the floor deck was not in the correct position, so they will have to cut into the concrete to correct that. 

The original plan was to have the 1st major house delivery come in 2 days (Friday), but it doesn’t look like that will happen.  My GC thinks the concrete guys can pour the basement and garage floors on Monday, and we could see the 1st house delivery on Monday or Tuesday.  That will be very exciting!

I did shoot some brief video today of the delivery and the amount of work they completed.  You can see that below: