DSC00542 Before my last post (which came about a week late), it took me a  week to write another post.  It’s not that we haven’t been doing anything, just that most of the work is being done on things that aren’t very exciting :). 


The plumbers were off for a week or so, and just returned yesterday to finish up most of the internal plumbing for an inspections.  In my post about Pex plumbing I mentioned that the plumbers were working away at the rough in.  Once they made it to the basement, they took a week off to do some other jobs. 

After researching Pex, I found out that there are 2 main methodologies for running the water lines in the house:

- Manifold
- Trunk and Branches

With the Manifold system, each water-needing fixture (sinks, tubs, laundry…) gets it’s own dedicated line from a central manifold, meaning they have a “homerun” configuration.  With the traditional trunk and branches setup, there’s a main hot and cold water line that supplies a bunch of branch lines off of it.  The trunk and branch setup is the most common, while the manifold setup has become very popular.

Our house has the traditional trunk and branch setup.  You can see the gist of it in the following photos, where the main water lines run down the center of the house, with main waste line, and the water and waste “branches” come off of the trunk.