DSC00152Today was a HUGE day for our Whitaker Corners Barden Home project because we received our first floor interior and exterior walls, as well as the 2nd floor deck.  Despite an issue with the delivery truck that caused a 4 hour delay, my GC’s framing crew kicked some butt by staying late and getting all of the exterior walls set, and most of the interior walls set.  Absolutely amazing! 

I can truly see the time savings and advantage of using Barden Homes as a supplier.  The delivery truck and crane showed up at about 11:15 and the crew got right to work removing the cargo straps so they could set their first piece.  By 1:00 the first wall section was up, and by 8:30pm, all of the exterior walls were up with sheathing preinstalled, and most of the interior walls were set as well.

DSC00147So, in about 8 hours, just about an entire 1st floor was set.  That is unreal!  A traditional stick–built house would be so far behind.  Consider having every wall panel studded and sheathed on site.  It would be multiple weeks before we’d be at the level we’re at today.  One great thing about it is, we won’t experience weeks of weather for just the first floor construction.  The crew will likely set the 2nd floor deck tomorrow, and possible receive the 2nd floor walls this week. 

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I took tons of video and photos of the Barden Home Process:

 DSC00143 DSC00146DSC00148They are setting the walls!
Crazy how fast they can do this.
There goes part of the family room!
They are flying!
I wonder if they'll make it the whole way around today?
Rounding 3rd, heading for home!
Now that's progress!
They're still at it!

So, Where’s the Video of the Barden Home Setup Throughout the Day?

It’s rendering as I type this!  Then it needs to upload to youtube.  I will do two follow-ups to this post tomorrow, the first being the actual Barden Homes process of setting up the first floor walls.

Another Follow-up Post – A Walk Through Video of the 1st Floor

I was able to do some video before we lost all daylight this evening, so I did a complete walkthrough of the 1st floor.  As soon as the video is done being edited, rendered, and posted to youtube, I’ll do a companion post to this one.